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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Collaboration Within the Nigerian Animation Industry

Nigerian movement and visual effects industry is one of the young and new. There are a lot of people with a lot of drive and energy. But it was one of the factors that affect it is appropriate to establish studios and the absence of current collaborative projects between artists and technicians in this field.

Funding is a key factor, especially in Nigeria. In some countries, grants and other support systems available to support staff in the creative industries. And of course, was the creative industries to struggle to get it. But governments have recognized that the creative industries can be a source of huge. Have been identified by the creative economy of the United Nations as one of the economies that will benefit developing countries if much derided as it did for the economies of firm. Unfortunately, most African governments, including Nigeria has not fully realize the potential.

Most people in our industry and the nascent movement graduates with financial support and there is little industry and wide to take them and pay them decent salaries. They make them up as they go along. It's not like our industries established major (law, engineering, communications, and banking services) where there are entrance ways more visible and more money to be made. We are in a pilot phase at this time. Can be obtained on emotion only so far when you have no cash (maybe because I'm getting old!)

Now to devote the time and effort on the animation project with people just because of the hard disk. Do not get me wrong, I think that this is precisely what creates the best work. It's tough to just do it from day one logical that today we stand at the point of invoices must be paid.

Issue and the 'ego' is also another factor to consider. There are pros and cons to this. We all want our studios to be the best. I think that natural selection and sort things out. Once VFX / animation studios start to emerge that can employ people, and get down on projects, etc. Most people will want to work for them. But at a stage where there are very few, people are still trying to figure out whether the studios will be industry leaders. I'm not talking about an apology for saying that my studio is one of them.

After all, things are changing because they are more positive and practitioners meet the network. Future in this industry is looking very interesting.
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