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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Computer Animation in Post Production

One of the most visited places on the market today is computer animation. Computer animation technology is still simpler and easier from day to day, at the same time opportunities for people seeking to become computer animators has increased significantly.


Traditionally, animation has always used to be done by hand. The most popular method adopted was to create a series of animated films, which were then combined into a movie. Another method was using physical models, which were placed in a specific place and the image was captured, the model was then moved and another photograph, and the process used to continue.

But it has conventionally been replaced by computer animation. Computer animation, which is part of computer graphics technology is the creation of moving images using computers. It is created by 3D and 2D computer graphics. Computer graphics is also referred to as' computer-generated imagery ". The image is displayed on the computer screen, which creates the illusion of movement and it is replaced by new images that differ slightly from the previous image. Sophisticated computer animation concerning the movement of the camera or objects in a more subtle way in which the laws of physics to achieve this goal.


Computer animation may be created using computer animation software. Cinema 4D, Amorphium, Poser and Ray Dream Studio, are some examples of animation software. Many software options are available and prices vary depending on the complexity of programs.

Computer animators, artists are using high-tech tools to achieve their creative excellence, but the ultimate reason for them to achieve their creative vision.

Forms of Animation

There are different types of animation available in:

Scripting Systems was the first system to control the movement as a computer animator writes a script in the language of animation. One such scripting language is an actor Script Animation Language.

Proceedings of the animation (which defines the movement over time), using the law of physics to generate movement. For example, consider the motion, which is the result of other actions, as in the case of a sphere, which, if thrown toward the house, hits the concrete object and causes it to move in any direction.

presentation of the animation is a technique in which the object changes its shape during the animation. It is sub-divided into three categories - articulated object animation, soft object animation, and morphing.

the stochastic animation, which controls a group of objects such as fireworks and waterfalls.

the behavior of animation, where a group of objects behaves according to a fixed pattern, as indicated in the animator.

Computer generated animation is used in various different fields such as movies, television, videos, commercials, games, web page design and many other situations. Due to its wide range of applications, computer animation has seen the growth spurt in the last few years.

Viewers around the world, especially young people, which deliver extreme graphics and sound effects, which were introduced in TV programs, movies, as well as in commercials. Use a multimedia presentation is even more attractive and effective.
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