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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bachelor Degree in Animation

A bachelor's degree in animation prepare you to be a successful graphic designer / multimedia designer. With a bachelor's degree you can have the opportunity to work in television, video game design and animation industry, and many other industries as well as those who need to animation and professional experience. Degree program in animation that will be trained to become experts and digital printed graphics. You will learn to create images, graphics, video, and much more. Will also learn about web design and create images 3D. The demand for animation experience is very high and the community and the public were becoming more complex every day. The media is constantly changing, companies and industries need people with experience, and animations up to the date who can keep up with trends. You will be able to develop techniques to make something still inanimate come to life.

Some common areas of study for a bachelor's degree in painting and include animated life, and the laws of human traffic, 2D and 3D characters, and so choosing a career in this area is very rewarding and interesting because it combines art and technology. Are recognized professionals in this area and the leaders of very creative. According to, the average salary for the animation is $ 56,000. However, if you enter the film industry and the average salary is $ 60,000. Salary also depends on the size of the company and the state you choose to work with and there is work available in the industry in all parts of the world. Although this option is very competitive in its history, and opportunities for big bonuses and even higher.
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