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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Film Television and Animation Tax Credit Financing - Canadian Solutions

Financing solutions and models is still seeking after the television and animated films a Canadian film tax credit financing. In addition to other solutions, the working capital of Canadian products in this area are also available, and less generally known that the presence and ability to assist the production of Canadian content.

In early 2010, as it is now well known by most of the players in this industry, the Canadian government at the federal and the local 'super tax credit' grants and incentives. Prices and increase their expenditure appropriations by up to 50-10 per cent in most areas of the tax exemptions. In addition to this fund has been established even for the intellectual property, with the projected funding tens of millions of dollars.

Productions with Canadian content, which produces a strong and savvy managers in Canada, both to take advantage of these loans, and finance them as well on a temporary basis, or on completion.

A combination of private investment, and government non-payment of tax exemptions, and even some participation of Canadian banks create a 'tour de force' assistance funding for Canadian content. Despite the important factors in the growth of the former Canadian dollar was cheaper Canadian dollar, up to date on an equal footing and not to hinder production in Canada, all three main areas of film and television, and digital animation. (And let's not forget those less known sisters - the publication of books and music!)

Of production in Canada, to fund the course in the same way in almost any other place - by the shareholders, tax exemptions, loans, and distribution deals. Tax credit and other incentives in the tax havens actually replaced the film than previous days. In our view, this method is more transparent and available, and takes a lot of negativity associated with 'tax havens.

Such tax exemptions So how do managers of tax exemptions and how to access financing. Do you also know that the availability of funding on a temporary basis as well, and to produce a properly documented, you can get temporary assistance funding in many cases be the key to reach the component in front of private financing, and will allow you to complete your project more than a useful financial perspective?

What are the foundations of this type of financing - let's re-examination. To say that the film, television and animation is a boutique finance industry in Canada is of course an understatement. That's why we strongly recommend to work with and talk to a consultant with experience and knowledge in this area. Be supported to access funding must ensure that the project or projects are eligible for any one or more of the six major tax credits that are available, for example, in the province of Ontario. (We will use our example and Ontario, but each province and similar systems to help yourselves.) Must ensure that you create a single entity for special purposes, mainly for legal shell will be eligible for private production or project.

Carefully choose which credits you are eligible for, and to ensure proper application for a certificate as soon as possible. Improper or incomplete certificate only (as is the case in any action that the funding process) slows down and stalls your credit from taxes and the ability to finance them.

Maintain the proper expenditure, payroll records - and we strongly recommend to clients that they use an accountant or a company that specializes in this area. If you can prove the background and experience, and certification of appropriate process, and we are committed to the project document through the completion of the deposit of the proper tax returns and tax finance your credit can be funded immediately as when it is accepted and submitted to your project. If you are seeking interim financing for the same project, and we are committed to maintaining and demonstrating quality in key areas reported above you are eligible for funding on an accrual basis, or cash and working capital assistance immediately, even before approval on your project (Q ).

In sum, 'Hollywood North' seems to flourish again. The economy has picked up and consumers want entertainment in all major sectors, and even the Canadian dollar has not prevented investment in production. And increased tax exemptions, and better so that, by working with the right partner with experience your credits can be funded upon ratification, or earlier, even if you could go a powerful document to forward an action plan on payments, payroll, and your experience in This is a great area of the Canadian economy. By the way, talk to an expert in the field does not hurt - Tips and additional assistance may be worth thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and working capital for your projects!
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