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Monday, August 2, 2010

Creating Stop Motion LEGO Animation With Kids

Children love cartoons, and they also love Legos. One of the best ways to encourage children to create their own pieces of art, is to let them revive their own cartoons.

For children who are direct or spatially inclined his interest in modeling with LEGO bricks, or Knex easily lends itself to stop the animation. Basically, stop motion is the process of moving figures in slow steps and still photos for each movement. Putting these images together in a computer program and then quickly playback picture does seem to move around the screen naturally.

To this proposal seems more natural character can move one foot, then another. Or adding a background character can move and interact with the items against the scenery. Indicating the vehicle, another character lighting elements may be bubbles, sound tracks and many other variables simplicity or complexity of the film to be regulated.

Once the pictures were taken, you can import images into a program like Windows Movie Maker (free with Windows) and set the speed of 0.125 seconds for the picture. Drag and drop photos into the timeline. This will show the film at 8 frames (single images) per second.

Traditional film is 24 frames per second, so the film will look a little stiff at this point. By the terms of the effects of Windows Movie Maker, right-click option Double speed and selecting Add to Storyboard, you can bring the frame rate to 16 frames per second. This will allow frames move faster, so it appears that flow into one another, as well as traditional film and cartoons.

From it you can add audio or just export movie uploadable format. After the film is finished your child can share your videos with friends, either on computer or over the web, which can lead to a group movie, script writing, model building and more.

Confused? Do not be. It's actually easier than it sounds, and everything your child will most likely pick up the process faster than you! Stop-motion movies with Lego is a great way to improve and expand the children's love of building and development.
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